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COP27 - Not an Energy Crisis, This is a Fossil Fuel Crisis

Welcome to the Global Gas and Oil Network (GGON).
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Spokespeople to Discuss Oil and Gas Supply Topics

CCS and Hydrogen
Local Impact of Fossil Fuels
  • Nnimo Bassey, Homef, Nigeria
  • Andres Gomez, Friends of the Earth/CENSAT, Colombia
  • Mamadou Barry, Action Solidaire International, Senegal
  • Cheikh Fadel Wade,Président de l’Association Solidarite Ci Sutura
Loss and Damage
Climate and Environmental Law
Just Energy
Public Finance
Oil and Gas Companies
  • Olivier Bois von Kursk, IISD, Canada
Energy in Africa
  • Sila Olan’g, Natural Resource Governance Institute, Tanzania
  • Lorraine Chiponda, Co-lead, Don’t Gas Africa Campaign, Zimbabwe
Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions
  • Fernande de Carvalho, WWF, Brazil
  • Fiza Quoreshi, Indus Consortium, India
Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA)
  • Romain Loualalen, Oil Change International
  • Antonio Hill, Natural Resource Governance Institute, Colombia
Private Finance
  • Laurie van der Burg, Oil Change International, Netherlands
Fossil Fuel Treaty
  • Alex Rafalowicz, Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, Colombia
Article 6
  • Erika Lennon, Centre For International Environmental Law, USA

How to get in touch with the spokespeople

If you are looking for a spokespeople from a specific country or region please contact us – Ashwini@ggon.org and Lerato@ggon.org

About this guide

This guide is produced by the Global Gas oil Network (GGON). With over 200 organisations across more than 50 countries, GGON is a network helping to achieve a managed phase out of oil and gas production in order to keep global temperature rises within 1.5°C, through a just transition and at an equitable pace for all countries.

Oil and Gas Relevant Events During COP27

Background Briefings on Oil and Gas

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