OilWire #34: Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance launches

October 8, 2021Newsletter

THE BIG PICTURE September saw a landmark political development with Denmark and Costa Rica announcing they will form the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA). The diplomatic initiative will bring together countries and jurisdictions that have ended licensing for new oil and gas exploration and production and are setting an end date for their production. … Read More

OilWire #33: Past time to step off the gas

August 4, 2021Newsletter

THE BIG PICTURE November’s global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, less than 90 days away, will reveal a lot about the sincerity of countries’ and companies’ net zero or other climate pledges. For example, will they heed the science, recently underlined by the International Energy Agency (IEA), that new fossil fuel extraction projects are incompatible … Read More

OilWire #32: More than a ‘bad day’ for Big Oil?

June 25, 2021Newsletter

This final nail in the Keystone XL pipeline’s coffin is a tremendous victory for all the Indigenous communities, landowners, farmers, ranchers, and climate activists along its route and around the world who have fought this project for over a decade.

OilWire #31: ‘Net zero’ producers do not exist

May 13, 2021Newsletter

In April, two more jurisdictions joined the growing list taking action to phase out oil and gas production. Spain’s Congress approved a new climate law that bans new licenses for oil and gas exploration and extraction as well as fracking, while California’s Governor announced that his state will end all oil extraction no later than 2045.

OilWire #26: A reality check for oil and gas companies

October 1, 2020Newsletter

New analysis shows that not even one of the eight oil majors even comes close to the minimum baselines for an oil company to have the possibility of being aligned with the Paris Agreement goal to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (ºC).