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COP28 - The Time to Phase Out Fossil Fuels is Now!

Welcome to the Global Gas and Oil Network (GGON) content hub for all things related to fossil fuels at COP28, in Dubai.

The 28th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP28 reflects a challenge and
an opportunity for the global community. The need for binding commitments to phase out all fossil fuels is more urgent than ever.

Stay in the loop with the latest on the frontlines of COP28 where the decision-making, negotiations and high-level conversations bring us closer to a "Full, Fair, Fast and Fully Funded Fossil Fuel Phaseout".
We can provide relevant information on the following topics:

All UNFCCC Workstreams including : Global Stocktake (GST) · Just Transition Work Programme (JTWP) · Cover Text · Conflict of Interest (COI) · Article 6 · Carbon Credits and Markets · Loss and Damage · Nationally Determined Contributions

Just Energy Transition · Fossil Fuel Phase Out · Public Finance and Private Finance · IOCs – International Oil Companies · NOCs – National Oil Companies · Energy Security · Impacts of Fossil Fuel Extraction (economic, health, environmental, human rights) · Local Resistance (by grassroots communities and Indigenous groups) · Loss and Damage (Polluter Pays Principle) · Domestic policy on oil and gas · Health and fossil fuels · Climate and Environmental Law · Renewable Energy and Climate Solutions · Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen · Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty · Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

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